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Introducing our Newest Line: Olivia + Quinn

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Introducing our newest line...


New Line: Olivia + Quinn

🌟 We are SO excited to be carrying this new line! 🌟

OLIVIA + QUINN is a boutique leather upholstery line committed to fine quality and timeless design. Their goal is to provide a range of stylistic pieces that suit the unique aesthetics and functions of homes today.

See, touch and SIT on these pieces in our showroom today!

Pimlico Bench Olivia + Quinn

Center: 9089 PIMLICO BENCH Anniston Tangerine

Left: 2053-01 JANE CHAIR with Nailhead Trim Ten Gallon Hat Hoss

Right: 1156 LEE POWER RECLINER Mccann Mushroom

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