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Visual Comfort Mill Large Globe Lantern
Lighting is an essential part of any Interior Design.

The design professional has the two-fold task of providing the client with products that support the design concept and provide the illumination needed for the space… In other words, “the watts for the spots” that allow the clients to work and live efficiently, comfortably and in style.


Lighting is also an opportunity for design professionals to add drama and flair! Used as a tool, lighting can help designers tell a story.

And the lighting industry has exploded with growth and imagination in the last few years, using inventive forms of glass, wood, ceramics, metals and recycled materials.

ITC offers an exciting array of Designer Lighting choices to appeal to everyone. From Ceiling and Wall-Mounted fixtures to freestanding Lamps and Accent Lighting you will find the perfect match for any space and any budget.

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