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Featured Artist: Peter Glassford

This month we'd like to feature the artist Peter Glassford.

He is motivated by accidental design and has been making handcrafted furniture since the early 1990s. One of his most mesmerizing forms of art and décor is the elaborate wooden collages he creates using seemingly random wood scraps. He applies this form of art in creation of furniture and wall art, including murals installed on site.

Collage Tile Rose Screen

A native Texan, Glassford partnered with a Mexican company in Guadalajara in 1998 crafting high-end furniture using traditional methods. This furniture is marketed to the US and has expanded in many unique and creative ways. He currently oversees all design and marketing while continuing to produce his own signature pieces.

Collage Tile Wall Art

This wooden collage artwork incorporates the studio of the past and the factory, using scrap to create distinctive, randomly beautiful compositions.

There are no patterns or repeats. Each piece is polished, finished with lacquer, and buffed with wax. Commission pricing is available on request and varies based on size and color.

Collage tiles are less complex artistically and made under Glassford's direction. These are created for the larger marketplace of interior design and provide solutions where acoustic help is needed.

Available in square or rectangle shapes, each tile is backed by 12mm MDF and available in 2 woods and 5 different finishes.


Check out these simply stunning designs:

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