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Fabric Inventory and Cushion Lead Times

What's It All About?

By now, you've no doubt heard and felt the impact of shortages in fabric and materials needed to make cushions - especially outdoor cushions. We'd like to explain a little bit about why and let you know what some of our lines are doing or have done to compensate.

Fabric Shortages

The fabric industry is experiencing unprecedented supply chain challenges, many who have been in the fabric industry for decades can’t recall experiencing anything as dramatic as the state it’s currently in. For outdoor fabrics this is especially true due to the technical nature in which they are made to ensure their UV longevity and durability. As a result, many of you are likely experiencing challenges with fabric availability.

Some of our lines are actively searching for sourcing substitutions where possible but also have yardage of discontinued fabrics that are ready to move. Along with this, some have made it business standard to think ahead and therefore, have pre-ordered so as to have stock available on demand. You can find out more by contacting us.

Cushion Materials

Due to the recent freeze on the Gulf Coast, manufacturing facilities that produce chemicals for foam products — which are the main ingredients for indoor and outdoor cushions — have been severely affected. Many of these were not winterized and suffered much property damage. Because of this, cushion lead times will absolutely be affected but will vary from line to line based on how many of them use these specific manufacturers for their cushions. Some of our lines have a diverse supply chain and innovative product development so they are exploring alternate materials. You can find out more in the article below or by contacting us. Everchem - Flexible Foam Shortage Explained

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