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New Collections: Happy & BALI

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Feast your eyes on these...


Trends are moving from summer to fall as the new school year begins and the seasons change. Send your clients on magical and tropical adventures with wallcovering and fabrics from these two amazing collections!




Sancar Wallcovering Happy Collection for kids

Children's imagination has no limits so their rooms should be designed as a playground that sparks interest, creativity and fantasy!

Happy is a traditional design collection full of optimism and harmony where there’s space for the jungle, enchanted woods, lovely small flowers and sweet little farm animals.

Create the right place to help your children dream new adventures!




Marcus William Fabric Bali Collection

Indulge in the allure of a vibrant, tropical paradise with our captivating Bali Collection. Be immersed its lavish charm with an exquisitely embroidered tiger motif complemented by intricate small-scale geometric jacquards and alluring palm leaf designs.

Marcus William Bali Fabric Collection

Delight in a symphony of rich, jewel tones and soothing, earthy hues, perfectly suited to enhance any interior décor style.

Marcus William Bali Fabric Collection

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